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Great video production doesn’t just happen. It starts with having a brilliant creative concept and an image in your head of what you want, but then putting together the right team and necessary logistics are crucial in turning ideas into reality.


Thankfully, it’s something we’re good at.


So what’s our secret? Well, it’s not exactly a secret, we just create the best scripts, work with the best people and use the right equipment. Add in excellent planning, an ability to think on our feet, a good sense of humor and a lot of hard work and you’re pretty much there.


We work closely with our clients to select the right people to interview, anticipate the best sequences and know the best vantage point from which to capture them all. Heart warming sound bites, exhilarating action, beautiful vistas, these things don’t just happen out of luck, well actually sometimes they do…


We look forward to the opportunity of  working with you.


Instead of listing every type of video production service on the planet, H2 Video likes to keep it simple. So we will keep it to this: as long as you are looking for high quality video production at an affordable price, we got you covered.


Whether it’s footage we shot for you or raw footage that you just need edited, we will turn it into something great. One edit round or ten, we work with you until you are completely satisfied with your video.


Since we work with only the best Motion Graphics artist’s even your lower third graphics and basic logo slates will be slick. So if you need a fully animated product demo or a clever typography video, prepare to be blown away!


You can probably tell by now that we strive to keep things simple around here. Why do we do that? Because its not your job to worry about the details. We can bore you with the wattage of our light kits or the bit rate of our cameras but instead we think you should sit back, relax and let us take your idea and turn it into a masterpiece.